The Twenty Plus Years Behind The Scenes Timeline

In life you reach a point where you believe your life is going to go in one direction but then you meet people and experience events that take that direction into a place you never thought you would go. 






This was the year I decided I really wanted to be both a writer of books and a director of movies.  The reason for this was my English class had to read “The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton.  Afterwards we watched the movie.  I really loved the book and I also really liked the movie.  After reading “The Outsiders” I read her other books and watched the movies.  I really liked the S.E. Hinton book “Rumble Fish” and the movie of the same name.  Both “The Outsiders” and “Rumble Fish” were directed by Francis Ford Coppola.  Looking back on both movies I think both the book and movie of “The Outsiders” reminds me of a Norman Rockwell painting while the book and movie of “Rumble Fish” reminds me of graffiti on a wall.  To watch a trailer of "The Outsiders" click here.  To watch a trailer of "Rumble Fish" click here.  This was also the year I got the interesting nickname of Ax Murderer from Rebecca Oxlade.  This last detail will become relevant to the production of the animated trailer in 2011.  Looking back I love that nicname now and for the record Rebecca Oxlade is a very decent lady.


1991 – 1992


I was taught Theatre by Neal Thomas (seen below) for my last two years at Capalaba state high school (now known as Capalaba state college) as well as taking film and television with another teacher.  Several events from the film and television classes were placed in “Only In The Movies: Beginning”.






Thursday, January the ninth The Making of “The Addams Family” is on television on channel ten at 7:30pm.


January the thirtieth an ad appears in the Courier Mail asking if anyone has a copy of “The Making of the Addams Family”.  I called the number listed and spoke to Helen.  To see the ad clearly click here.


Throughout the year Helen and I spoke on the phone and at the end of the year we met when she came to my end of year theatre production.  We started seeing movies soon after that.




Helen lent me a film production book and was the person that made me realize that I should consider film production as a career.  I fell for Helen but she didn’t feel the same way.  She wrote to me saying that we shouldn’t see each other for a while and I respected her wishes.  At the end of the year I returned the film production book she lent me.  In the first book “Only In The Movies: Beginning” a street is named after her.




I met Amber at Hoyts Regent, fell in love with her but didn’t tell her how I felt because of what happened with Helen.  When it came to Amber she was the one that taught me that my characters were too aggressive.




I also met future “Tenacity” actor Mathew Purcell while appearing in an amateur production of “The Pajama Game” which was done by the Savoyards Musical Comedy Society.  I'm in the picture on the left wearing the bad tie.  Mathew is in the picture on the right.  He's the one with black hair.






Circa early to mid 1995 I saw an ad for the Queensland School of Film and Television and did a two week course.




I worked and saved so I could become a full time student at the Queensland School of Film and Television.




I went to the Queensland School of film and television for a year.  In the early days of film school I saw Helen one last time and we saw “Alien Resurrection” together.  We fell out of touch after that and I’ve regretted not keeping in touch with her ever since.  Helen was a really great friend and I sincerely hope that she’s happy and leading a good life.  At the end of the year I decided to leave film school for two reasons.  It was expensive and I didn’t want to go to film school, graduate and not end up making films.  I wanted an audience and decided to get into writing.






As I was no longer at film school and no longer doing shows with Savoyards I didn’t have that many friends and wanted to meet new people.  That’s one reason I made the feature movie length video “Tenacity” and named a character after Amber. Prior to production starting I saw Angus Grant in a play written by my brother Tim called “Schoolies”.  I offered him the lead role but ends up playing a small part instead.  Mathew got into the spirit of things but putting up notices up at universities.  It was because of those notices that I ended up meeting Natasha McDonald who has since become one of my best friends.  Natasha is in the picture below with me during a trip to a Supanova Convention.





Production begins on “Tenacity” and lasts for several weekends. 


The ending and other aspects of the script was dissatisfying for me so I rewrote it but it kept on growing and it was difficult to find an ending.  One of the cast members was Troy Mackinder from the Actors Workshop, Natasha McDonald and Angus Grant.  High school theatre teacher Neal Thomas is also among the cast.  The second reason I made it was I didn’t know if I was ever going to make a movie in my life so I wanted to have the experience of making one, so I made “Tenacity”.





I showed “Tenacity” to my brother Tim in Sydney.  I also Saw Amber and nearly give her a copy of “Tenacity” but changed my mind.  I never saw Amber again after that.  I did some additional shooting for “Tenacity”.  Met and became friends with Mungo McKay.



Against better judgment I started to watch a show called “Breakers”.  When it came to the cast itself I found one actress to be very interesting.  Emily Perry.  I honestly think she's a talented actress that I hope to work with one day but that's not the only reason I'm bringing her up.  Emily Perry's career inadvertently taught me a lesson I wasn't expecting when it came to the production of the animated trailer but more on that later.





In June I started a relationship with Tania Zvitan.






I renamed the project from “Tenacity” to “Only In The Movies” and made a television episode of “Only In The Movies”.  In other words I only shot forty pages of it to see if it could work as a television series.  I got some more actors involved from the Actors Workshop.  One of the actresses involved was Miranda Deaken.  She went on to be reporter for Brisbane Extra and has been in numerous television commercials.  The man featured in the picture on the left below is Jamie Gardiner.  He's one of the voices in the animated trailer.




Mathew Purcell announces that he’s moving out of Queensland.  A few scenes are shot with Mathew Purcell playing Simon one more time.  In the middle picture below on the top row is future trailer narrator Sally-Anne Westendorf.  The woman in the pictures on the left and right on the bottom or is Boyana Young.  She is one of the voice actors in the animated trailer.





At the same time “Undead” was entering production and was also getting actors from the Actors Workshop.  During  production of “Only In The Movies” Natasha McDonald from “Tenacity” was an extra in the television movie “The Outsider” which starred Naomi Watts. 



At the second picture below Natasha is on the far left.





“Only In The Movies” was never edited together because at the end I wanted to make sure that people wanted to see it and I wasn’t sure if people would want to at that point.  I thought it would be better if I came up with something that would make people want to see it but I couldn’t think of anything at that point in time.  For all the hard work that the actors put into “Only In The Movies” I really felt at this time, and still do today, they deserve an audience and at that time I couldn’t provide them with one. 


After that I took a break of several years as I was sick of “Only In The Movies” as I didn’t have an ending and couldn’t actually think of one.  


In November Tania Zvitan and I broke up.  Natasha McDonald was there for me.  Tania and I became friends and we’re still friends today.





“Undead” starring Mungo McKay, Lisa Cunningham and Emma Randall (voices in the animated trailer) gets released at the Brisbane International Film Festival at Hoyts Regent in August and then released via Dendy cinemas in September.  You can see the trailer for the movie here.   




Late September started work at NFS Market Research and met and became friends with Felicia Timperley.







I met future animated trailer actor Shane Schilko.  Future animated trailer actor and composer Brett Hansen also started work at NFS Market Research.  In the pictures below Shane is on the left and Brett is on the right.




I also met Paul Whewell at NFS who would play a part in the website eight years later. 





“Big Reef” starring Angus Grant is released on television which also starred Madeleine West.  Angus Grant was also in"Tenacity".




I had a severe falling out with Felicia ending our friendship.   


Emily Perry from “Breakers” makes her debut in “Home And Away”.  The unexpected lesson I learned from her career when it came to the production of the animated trailer is coming up soon. 



I became email friends with Diane Benson after ordering a copy of the independantly made movie "Chance" on dvd online.




Still feeling guilty over the end of the friendship with Felicia I decide to finish “Only In The Movies” as a way of dealing with it.  As per usual Natasha McDonald was there for me as she’s one of my closest friends.  Also seeing the movie “Be Cool” and being amazed by how bad it was also is a motivator in wanting to finish the story off once and for all.




I finally finished it and self published it as three books with Schuurs Publishing.  For more information click here.  




I advertised in the Sydney Morning Herald.  As it's too big to fit on the page clearly click here.




I advertised for the first time in the Los Angeles Times.  It will be nearly six years until I advertise for the second time.




Although I was appreciative of the work done on the original covers I felt they weren’t what I needed for the books.  It was not an easy decision to make but I wanted to do what was best for the trilogy.  Feeling dissatisfied with the original covers I decided to have them replaced.  Due to the quality of the original covers I'm not going to be putting them online.




Through a mutual friend I met artist Megan Thorn.





Bottom half of book three cover completed.







Top half of book three cover completed.






Bottom half of book two completed.




Over time various emails have been lost but prior to the final cover being finalized the rest of the illustrations were obviously completed. 








The final cover is completed which is the cover for “Only In The Movies: Beginning”.



I decided to make an animated trailer after having no success with “Only In The Movies”.  I met with Brett Hansen who was meant to be the animator but wasn’t able to do it as it would have taken a long time and he was also preparing to get married.  Brett recorded the voice of Nick for the trailer.




In early December I went to New York City to see my brother Tim as he really wanted me to go.  New York City is like Sydney on steroids.  It’s amazing!  You'll have to excuse the expression on my face in the second photo though.  I'm not that great with heights.




I came home from New York City to find out that the Brisbane office of NFS Market Research had been shut down and didn’t have a job.  In spite of this I shot a video of two friends doing the actions of the trailer as a way of storyboarding it for the future animator.




While making this video I also took a shot of a building I like in the Brisbane suburb called Highgate Hill which is used in the David and Jessica scene in the animated trailer.






I got a new job and I'm not allowed to say the name of the company that I work for.  I only had thirty-three cents to my name before getting paid for the first time.  Future voice actor for the animated trailer Greg Stone is one of my supervisors.





Tania Zvitan records her lines as Eve.




Shane Schilko records his lines as Thomas, Peter, Colin and Simon.  Prior to Shane coming to my flat after work to record his lines I had recorded the Thomas, Peter, Colin, first generation Simon, David and second generation Simon lines as a precaution just in case I couldn’t get Shane or anyone else to play those parts.  Thankfully Shane came through.







Mungo McKay from "Undead" and "Daybreakers" came to my residence and did the narration work for the trailer. 






Over time I became friends with people on facebook and naturally checked out their pages.  Another friend’s page said she was an animator but she couldn’t do it.  Introduced me to a friend of hers but he couldn’t do it but got me onto the person that could.




I met the animator Michelle Hawcroft at the Three Monkeys café at West End and production started on the animated trailer.






I got backgrounds for the first clip.







I received the first clip from Michelle which was the Eve and Thomas clip.





I received the second clip which was John in bush with a psycho.





I received the Polish hotel explosion clip.





I became friends again with Felicia Timperley which was a massive relief to say the least because I really missed her.





Greg Stone appears in an episode of “The Strip” for the Channel Nine network in Australia.





Prison scene completed.  Polish explosion scene revised and completed.





Today I got the background for the Vietnam scene.



Production on the animated trailer continues.




In early January I emailed Neal Thomas about doing a re-edit of the trilogy. 





Vietnam scene is completed.





The first book is re-edited.




Greg Stone records his part as the detective in the trailer.





Cannes film festival scene gets completed. 





The second book is re-edited.




More artwork from the tunnel scene is sent.





The third book is re-edited.   




Mushgrove tunnel scene gets completed. 





Thomas on horse scenes completed.





Vanessa in space shot completed.








Tidal wave scene completed.





Angus Grant from "Tenacity" guest stars in “City Homicide” episode entitled “Dead Weight”.




2009 was also the year I started watching a show called "All Saints" which was cancelled the year I decided to get into it.  Typical!  While watching this show I became a fan of Virginia Gay.  In addition to Emily Perry's career a professional decision from Virginia Gay was also inadvertently part of the lesson that I wasn't expecting when it came to the production of the animated trailer.



Production continues on the animated trailer.






“Daybreakers” starring Ethan Hawke gets released in Australia which starred Mungo McKay, Lisa Cunningham, Emma Randall (voices in the animated trailer) and Troy Mackinder from “Tenacity”.  You can see the trailer for the movie here








Paris wedding clip completed.





Simon and Isabelle in bed scene completed.




In May I took various pictures in the Balmoral Cinemas, Tribal Theatre and most importantly, Hoyts Regent for storyboarding use for the trailer.


This is a photo of the projection booth from the Balmoral Cinemas.



Inside Southbank Cinemas.



Inside the Tribal Theatre.




Inside the Regent Theatre.







Peter and Colin scene completed.  





I went to the Hoyts Regent one last time to watch the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy.  I learned in an email that Felicia was actually there to see “Casablanca” in the cinema next door.  To this day I’m still annoyed that we missed each other because it would have been great to see her.




The Hoyts Regent closes.




Simon and Nick clip completed.  





Lisa Cunningham from “Undead” and “Daybreakers” comes in to record dialogue.







Emma Randall from “Undead” and “Daybreakers” comes in to record dialogue for the trailer.








I emailed Virginia Gay’s agent Sue Muggleton about the possibility of getting Virginia Gay to be the second narrator of the trailer.





I went to Bundaberg for the weekend and recorded the sounds of the ocean from Kellys Beach to be added for the tidal wave clip.  A few days later the recording was deleted by mistake.  Or so I thought as I discovered years later.






I received an email from Sue Muggleton telling me that Virginia Gay will be unable to take part in the animated trailer due to a commitment which will last well into 2011.  This was a little disappointing but it was understable.  The commitment turned out to be the hit series "Winners and Losers".





David and Jessica scene completed.





I received a rough background for the ax murderer scene.



Early December I got in touch with Mat Purcell but only to learn that his name is now Mat Ford. 




I took the only copy left of “Tenacity” into Procam and had it converted to dvd. 




Mat Ford comes over to record dialogue for the “Only In The Movies” animated trailer playing the agent.




In the picture on the left is Mat and I back in the "Tenacity" days of 1998 and the picture on the left is obviously Mat and I now.




I received new test footage for the ax murderer scene.





I made a video during a break at work to send to Michelle to help her get the opening of an umbrella right for the trailer.  The man holding the umbrella was Dennis Bishop.






I watched some of “Tenacity” on dvd.  It was painful to watch and I hope the animated trailer makes up for how bad it is.


Production continues on the animated trailer.






I received the ax murderer clip.  If you look closely at the handle you can see the word Oxlade written on it.  This is named after Rebecca Oxlade from high school who nicnamed me ax murderer way back in 1990.  For the record I hold no grudge at all and look back on that nickname with friendly humour. 





Floods seriously start to impact on Brisbane.





The second day of the flood.






The third day of the flood.






The fourth day of the flood.  The waters have started recede but the effects are still evident.






I came along the trailer for the movie “Glorious 39” by accident and briefly considered asking Romola Garai (seen below) to be part of the animated trailer but as she lives in London it obviously can’t be done which is a shame because she is very talented indeed. 



I read her bio page and found an amazing quote from her and decided to put that at the start of the trailer instead.  You can see the trailer for "Glorious 39" here.




I started back at work after the flood. 




I received new version of the first clip with Thomas holding a nugget of gold instead of a bag.





I started to consider sending the animated trailer to the Cannes Film Festival.




A category five cyclone hits the north coast of Queensland.




I’ve just spoken to Michelle and have been blown away and touched by her dedication.  She just told me that from the fourteenth to the eighteenth she’s taking leave from work so she can work on the animated trailer. 


I called the Times in London to get an idea of advertising rates and ended up speaking to a man called Tim Robbins.  I didn’t point out that it’s the same name of an Academy Award winner that also starred in my favourite bad movie “Howard The Duck”.


I received new shots from the still incomplete clip.






I received another version of the gold clip.






Felicia Timperley came and recorded her line for the animated trailer.  After a nearly seven year absence from my life it was great to see her again.  Before she left I told her that I missed her and that it was great that we are friends again.  Thankfully she agreed and recorded her line as the female presenter.






The second clip is finally finished and work begins on the Awards presentation scene.





Tonight I got the background for the Awards scene and the character design for the presenter.






Tonight I received a new version of the awards night clip.  It’s nearly ready as it just needs the recording to go with it.





Tonight the awards ceremony clip is completed.






Tonight I received an image of the Sophie scene which features the voice of “Undead” and “Daybreakers” actress Lisa Cunningham.






Now for the lesson taught to me inadvertently by Emily Perry's career and a professional decision from Virginia Gay.  Today I tried to find the agency that represents former “Home and Away” actress Emily Perry.  She doesn’t appear to have representation in Australia or in England.  I can only speculate that she’s been typecast as the Summer Bay stalker from “Home and Away”.  This was the kind of disappointment that I wasn't expecting.  Last year when I tried to get Virginia Gay (seen below) interested in doing voice work for the trailer and she ended up saying no that was fine to be perfectly honest because I emailed the script to her agent and she in turn passed it onto Virginia Gay who politely turned me down.  It was good to get the answer no from Virginia Gay because I was able to get it. 



I thought I could ask Emily Perry (seen below) but here's the punch line.  It's one thing to be disappointed to get a no because you were given the opportunity to get it but it's another not to be able to get either a yes or a no because the opportunity to present the offer can't be given either way because she can't be reached.  It never occurred to me that typecasting can be curse not just for actors but for filmmakers as well.  It's also frightening to think about because if you make the wrong choice you really can get cast out.  It’s very easy to dismiss Emily Perry and say that she was the Summer Bay stalker.  What else can she do?  To me that’s a very shortsighted way of thinking because I wanted to see what else she could do in spite of playing the Summer Bay stalker and it makes me sad to realize that I’ll never get the opportunity to work with her when it comes to the trailer and it’s also frustratingly sad to know that I’ll never know if she would have wanted to do it or not wanted to do it.  And now for a interesting piece of irony.  The actor Chris Hemsworth (seen below) who played her boyfriend in “Home And Away” is now known for playing the title role in "Thor" and "The Avengers".  To see what Emily Perry was like in "Home and Away" click here





Between the fifteenth and the twenty-fifth of April the Sophie and Simon clip was completed.  Frustratingly I can’t find the email that contains the clip attached with it.





I met up with Michelle at Gelare to discuss the new clip.




I received an email from the Alliance group that the email address for Emily Perry is no longer valid.  With this undeniable fact in mind, unless Emily Perry gets in touch with me herself by obviously using the contact page of this site, which I honestly can't see happening, it's time to move on.  No disrespect towards Emily Perry intended.




I got the new projector shot from the Tribal Theatre.





I received first two backgrounds from the Paris clip.






I recorded Andrew Gill’s line after a shift at work.





Boyana Young came to my residence and recorded her line for the trailer which is "He's going to get us killed!".  Boyana was in the second production I made years before deciding on making an animated trailer.  She also helped out before Mat left Queensland and came back. 




I also received new Hoyts staircase backgrounds.





I received projector shots from Tribal Theatre and Balmoral Cinemas the clips.





I received Tribal theatre background and Southbank cinema background.







Today I got green, yellow, Arch De Triumph and restaurant backgrounds.





I received new Southbank background.





After midnight I spoke to Mark Hiler of the New York Times to discuss advertising rates.  Later that day I went to the Actors Workshop and took photos for the Nicole scene.







I went to see “Jane Eyre” before work today.  While watching it I came up with even more scene ideas for the script.  It’s a little annoying.



Today I went to Tribal Theatre to record the sound effect of the projector running.   It was thanks to the manager, Jordan Bastian, that this was allowed to happen.  It's the sound effect of the projector running that plays during the closing credits of the animated trailer. 




Sally-Anne Westendorf also came by tonight and recorded two pieces of narration.  It was ten years ago that Sally was in the second production before the animated trailer and helped out before Mathew left Queensland.






Today I received a new version of the Paris clip.  At first there was a problem with one of the backgrounds as it showed the Regent Staircase leading into the Paris restaurant background.



But it did get rectified by Michelle less than ten minutes later.



I also received the images below within the same clip.








Today Jamie Gardiner came by and recorded his line for the animated trailer.  Jamie was the lead actor in the second production before the animated trailer.  In the trailer he's in the tidal wave sequence and you hear him ask "Is he insane?"








Today I received another update of the scene.  I’ve been assured that the second half is nearly complete.









Tonight I called and facebook messaged Brett Hansen who was the original choice to animate the trailer to discuss doing music for the animated trailer.  I sent him a link to the fourth “Harry Potter” to get an idea of what I would like to get which you can see here.





While at an internet cafe I discovered in the early hours of Friday morning I got an email from my animator with the latest clip but I wasn’t able to view it because my phone and internet weren’t working.




I finally got my phone and internet back up and running and got the latest updates from my animator.








I took a picture of a co-worker Dennis to help out with one shot in the trailer.  Dennis also helped out with the umbrella shot.



After work I went to Tribal Theatre and took two pictures of people sitting in the audience before the movie started.




The movie that showed that night in cinema two was “Empire Records”.  It was a late night cult movie showing.  The session started at 10:30pm.




After work I went to Tribal Theatre to see the “Kill Bill” double feature and I ended up being interviewed for a documentary about Tribal Theatre as it’s going to be closing soon.  I don’t know if I’m going to be make it into the final cut of it but I was interviewed. 




I got a new version of the latest clip.






The 2052 clip is finally finished!  









Natasha McDonald, who has been involved in every production I've made, recorded a new line for the trailer. 





I mailed out the first half of the animated trailer to Brett Hansen.




I found out that the dvd hadn’t arrived.  I started to seriously worry that it has turned up somewhere else and that someone else will take credit for my work in the long run.




I found out to tremendous relief that the dvd has arrived at Brett Hansen’s house.  Composing work begins.


I went to an advance screening of “The Inbetweeners Movie”.  Co-creator of the series Iain Morris was there.





Tribal Theatre under the management of Jordan Bastian has its last night. 



The movie that played was “Pulp Fiction” in cinema one.  In cinema two there was a closing night karokie party.  I sang “We’re Not Gonna Take It” by Twisted Sister with a complete stranger.  I’m proud to say that I can’t sing to save my life.  For those of you unfamiliar with the song click here.      





I’ve been writing new elements to the screenplay that the trilogy is based on.  I finally finished the screenplay yesterday.




I got the first two minutes of the score from Brett Hansen today and it was bloody marvelous!  I also got the backgrounds from Michelle and a character design.









The first half of the trailer score is completed!




Production on the animated trailer continues




First clip from the Detective Scene is sent.





The first book is edited for the final time.




Second version of the Detective scene is sent.





I finished writing the trilogy.  There is nothing more I can say or add.  After years of finally telling myself it’s over, this time it finally and really is over.




The Detective Clip is finished.







The Desert Clip is finished.





Today I sent two dvds with more clips to Brett Hansen.




I received confirmation from Brett that they arrived.




I took one last picture for the last clip to be produced for the trailer.  The man on the left is Shane Schilko, voice actor for a lot of characters and the man on the right is Dennis Bishop. 




After work I called to see Neal Thomas to see how the third book is progressing.  He said that he hadn’t because school had started up again.  He assured me that it would be done by the end of the month.




Today I was sent artwork for the second last clip.          



I also took a video of Dennis doing the arm movement for the animation of the final clip.





Today a little after midnight I called the New York Times.  The connection on my phone was terrible as half the conversation could be understood.  It was very frustrating.  This afternoon after midday I called Brett Hansen to talk about the score and how busy is going to be and revealed that he was able to get through the first half of the score quickly because he was on Christmas holidays.  Now I’m thinking maybe repeat the themes and make some of them darker versions so it can get done in time.  Obviously this isn’t what I wanted but what I want is simply to get it done.  The genesis of the animated trailer started in 2007.




After reading the story at the link below I was blown away by it and I’ve got to include this in the third book of the trilogy.  It’s just too damn romantic to pass up.  To read about it click here.





The second last clip is almost complete.  Just needs a few more details.







I finished writing the proposal scene today.  During work I called one of my actors Greg Stone which was very strange.  When I was on the phone my supervisor Shane Schilko, also one of my actors, was walking around when this happened.  I quickly wrote his name down and Shane didn’t get what was going on.  I then quickly pointed to my headset and he got the hint.  After work I found out that the theatre death clip had been completed.




When I got home I typed up the final scenes with the opening scene montage from Woody Allen’s “Manhattan”. 




This morning before work I recorded the sound effect of someone being shoved against a wall in the lunch room.  I did this by slapping my hand against a wall.  I was going to do it yesterday but the batteries had died in my recorder so I had to get new ones this morning.



When I downloaded the sound effect to my computer I found a recording which I thought was lost: the sound of the ocean from Kelly’s Beach near Bundaberg. 





I experimented and added the sound of the ocean to the tidal wave clip. 





Sometimes I hate it when I’m wrong.  I recently bought myself the blu ray dvd of “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”.  After seeing this movie again I read the trivia at imdb and found myself surprised that there were scenes that featured the title character having two extra siblings.  The dvd didn’t have any trailers so I looked them up online.  I found one that was interesting which you can see here.



The reason I found it interesting is it has a kid that seemed really out of place saying at the twenty-three second mark “Syphilitic meningitis?” Then I remembered the extra siblings and looked up the script and found it at this website here.



Sure enough it featured the younger siblings and the younger sister Kimberly character saying “Syphilitic meningitis?”  As these characters were cut I started to think about the actors that were cast in them and how great it must have been for them being cast in a John Hughes movie because of his movies “Weird Science” and “The Breakfast Club”.  Then I started to think about how great it would have been to have seen themselves in the trailer and then how awful it must have been to learn that they had been cut from the movie entirely.  Then I realized that I hadn’t dealt with someone ending up on the cutting room floor so another storyline entered my mind and I wrote a plot outline after work that day.




I finished writing the new scene.  I also got the link to the Lite and Easy commercial which features Natasha McDonald.  She's the woman with dark hair who appears at the sixteen second mark which you can see here.





I got a rough draft of the final clip.  Mixed in with the images are behind the scenes images from the video taken way back in 2007 and the one photo that was taken recently.



















Today I finished typing up the final section of the trilogy. 




Today my composer Brett sent me a lot of score for the second half of the trailer and it’s bloody great!




At approximately 12:24AM this morning Michelle emailed me another update for the final clip. 











After work I discussed the clip and showed her that fingers were needed in one of the shots.  I emailed Michelle the shot with roughly drawn fingers using paint box.





At 12:19 AM the final clip was emailed to me.  The animation process is over.





I met up with Brett in the Queen Street Mall after work to give him the final clip so he can complete work on the score.  As it's St Patrick's day there are lots of people wearing green with Brett and his wife Jen being no execptions.  I took a photo of them before they left and I met up with a friend to see "21 Jump Street" at the Myer Centre Cinemas.  It was raining that night. 





The final book is finally edited. 




The final piece of the score is finished.  Production on the animated trailer concludes.




After numerous computer difficulties the animated trailer is uploaded to youtube here.



It’s also uploaded to the front page of the website.  The genius that saved my neck was Paul Whewell.





In the early hours I spoke to Mark Hiler from the New York Times and Johnathan Bush from the Los Angeles Times.  I got the ad sorted for the New York Times.  I sent a fax for the agreement.  For my own privacy I've blacked out certain details.  The Los Angeles Timas hasn't been sorted.  As I went to bed after two o'clock in the morning and was still tired I wasn't going to call the Los Angeles Times until I've had a goodnights sleep.






I filled out the online form and sent the ad as a pdf file. 




I received an email from Patricia Holman saying that the ad I sent was too big.  I called them and got the problem resolved.  I also called the Los Angeles Times and spoke to Johnathan Bush again and the fax form was emailed to me.




I received an email from Mark Hiler with the resized ad and I approved it.    




I spoke to Tim Robbins from the Times in London.  It's more expensive to advertise there than it was compared to a year ago.  I plan to advertise there but it'll have to be later rather than sooner. 




Today I sent a fax to the Los Angeles Times and the final details for the Los Angeles Times advertisement.  For my own privacy a lot of details have been blacked out. 






Today I received the proof for the ad to appear in the Los Angeles Times on the fifteen of April.  When I talked about the ad with Jonathan he asked about logos and I told him not to worry about it because I was more concerned that the words wouldn't fit.  Then this morning I got the email checking to see if I would approve it and I discovered that he went beyond the call of duty by putting on the covers which completely blew me away.  You can see what it looks like here




Today my ads appeared in both the New York and Los Angeles Times.  This is the top half of the page where the Los Angeles page appeared which was obviously page six of the Arts and Books section.  The ad itself appeared on the bottom half of the page.



This is the bottom half of the page where the ad appeared in the Los Angeles Times.



This is the cover of where the ad appeared in the New York Times.



This is the page where it appeared in the New York Times which was page nine.





Today I got in touch with Film Ink Magazine to discuss a full page colour ad in their magazine. 




Today I got a call from Rashmi from Film Ink Magazine.  She asked me if I would like to produce posters to be displayed at the Supanova Convention in Sydney and Perth.  I was happily stunned and talked about making posters. 




Today I got the first version of the ad which was good but there was no mention of the trailer unfortunately.  To see that version of the ad click here




Today I got the revised version of the ad which can be seen here.




Today I sent the fax for the ad approval.





Due to circumstances I had to wait until this date for the posters to be produced.  Thankfully they were and were sent the same day.




The posters have arrived at the Film Ink offices. 




Tonight I saw a production of "Avenue Q" at the Arts Theatre in Brisbane.  Brett Hansen is one of the performers and it also the puppetry consultant for the show. 




Today the ad for the trilogy came out in Film Ink Magazine on page nine.  To see the ad more clearly click here.






Today I flew to Sydney for the day to go see my posters on display at the Supanova Convention.  The publisher of Film Ink Magazine, Dov Kornits, was a very nice man and I definitely thanked him for putting the posters up because it was an incredible thing to have happened to me. 















The picture of me above was taken by the publisher of Film Ink Magazine. 




I received the questions for an interview for Film Ink Magazine.  The journalist that interviewed me was Chloe Sesta Jacobs.




The Film Ink Magazine interview goes online.  You can read it here.




Today I uploaded video footage of the Sydney Supanova convention which can be seen here.


More news coming soon.






























































































































































































































On the twenty-fourth of June, 2006 this website was advertised on page twenty-eight of the Spectrum section of the Sydney Morning Herald. To see the advertisement click here.


On the twenty-seventh of August, 2006 this website was advertised on page ten of the Book Review section of the Los Angeles Times.  To see the advertisement click here