The Cast and Crew of the "Only in the Movies" Animated Trailer


The cast of the animated trailer in order of appearance.


The roles of Isabelle and Jessica are voiced by Natasha McDonald.





The first narrator of the animated trailer is Mungo McKay.  Mungo McKay was also in the movies "Undead" and "Daybreakers". 




The roles of Thomas, Peter, Collin, first generation Simon, David and second generation Simon are voiced by Shane Schilko.  







The role of Eve is voiced by Tania Zvitan. 




The second narrator of the animated trailer is Sally-Anne Westendorf.



The role of Nick is voiced by Brett Hansen.




The role of the agent is voiced by Mat Ford. 



The role of Sophie is voiced by Lisa Cunningham. Lisa Cunningham was also in "Undead" and "Daybreakers". 





The role of the Female Presenter is voiced by Felicia Timperley.    




The role of Nicole is voiced by Emma Randall. Emma Randall was also in "Undead" and "Daybreakers".  






The role of the Detective is voiced by Greg Stone.   




The role of the Unseen Man during the tidal wave scene is voiced by Jamie Gardiner. The role of the Unseen Woman is voiced by Boyana Young.   




The role of the Male Presenter is voiced by Andy Gill.  





The crew of the animated trailer.


The animated trailer was written, produced, storyboarded and directed by Garnet Benzie.  The covers of the books were also designed by Garnet Benzie.  To learn more click here.  Garnet Benzie can be contacted at



The animated trailer was animated by Michelle Hawcroft.  She also drew the backgrounds and designed the characters based on notes provided by Garnet Benzie.  




The music for the animated trailer was composed, recorded and performed by Brett Hansen



Brett Hansen is a cartoonist, animator, musician and puppeteer from Brisbane, Australia. He has performed as keyboardist in such bands as Headkase (avant garde metal), Rad Rockets (ska/swing), Sound Distiller (electro house/pop), and with the Impro Mafia Theatre Company. He is currently 'Puppetry Consultant' and '2nd Hands Puppeteer' (for the Trekkie Monster and Nicky characters) in the 2012 Brisbane Arts Theatre production of Broadway musical, "Avenue Q". 


The cover illustrations for the "Only In The Movies" trilogy were coloured and illustrated by Megan Thorn based on cover designs by Garnet Benzie.




     "I am a photographer and an artist. I've studied traditional black and white photography at TAFE, passing with honours, and studied traditional fine arts for a few years in high school and in my own time, winning some awards along the way. I have exhibited work in the Queensland Art Gallery and other galleries around Queensland and currently have photographs hanging in a restaurant called Earth N Sea in Brisbane, Queensland.
     My work varies between photography, digital paintings, sketches, charcoal drawings, cartoons, animations and designs. These cover illustrations for the 'Only in the Movies' trilogy were a good challenge for me, and I'm glad to have had the opportunity to do them. As I do work for different people, I am slowly finding the direction I want to take my art and I'm looking forward to the rest of the journey."
     Megan Thorn.



The trilogy of books have been edited by Neal Thomas.



Prior to the animated trailer starting production a short video was made for storyboarding purposes.  It was made with my friends Vivian and Vanessa Collier.




During production of the animated trailer Dennis Bishop helped out now and again for storyboarding purposes.




The person that helped out with getting the animated trailer successfully placed on the front page of this website was Paul Whewell.